About Us

Déjà Vine symbolizes the rebirth of the Iowa grape industry that made Iowa the 6th largest producer of grapes in the early 1900's.

The combination of the French word Déjà with the American word vine reflects the type of plants that are the foundation of this reborn industry; the French-American Hybrid Grape Varieties.

At Déjà Vine Vineyards & Winery, we are committed to producing high quality Iowa wines from grapes and fruit grown in Iowa. The wines we produce are all made from fruit that is grown in Linn and Jones Counties.

The Meyer and Pederson families pride ourselves in the personal touch applied to all of our wines. From the family planting events, to the careful pruning of the vines in the spring; from the "picking parties" in the Fall, to the hand-sorting of the fruits that go into our wines; small batches are produced to give our wines that home grown touch. Déjà Vine uses time honored wine making techniques coupled with modern equipment to produce some truly unique Iowa wines.